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Let a Professional AC Contractor Increase the Efficiency of Your Unit


Your air conditioner is a major component of your residential property, particularly during the sweltering summer months. Although it can last for several years, some repairs may be needed over time as the product begins to age. In this case, entrust your air conditioning system to professionals, and you can expect these benefits.


You can create a long-term maintenance plan with a trusted AC contractor who can increase the lifespan of the product with frequent repairs and inspections. This professional will have the expertise and will advise you on certain important maintenance steps to keep the product working long-term. Read more from this blog:


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When to Call an AC Contractor to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit


Have you been wondering when the right time to replace the air conditioning unit in your home is? Homeowners are always torn between repairing or replacing their AC’s. Fortunately, there is a way to know which way to go. It turns out there are several things that could indicate that it is better to replace an air conditioning unit than to repair. The following are some of them.


The average lifespan of an AC unit is about 10 years. After that, it is highly likely that your unit will not function efficiently anymore. Old AC units can create problems where you are not looking, namely in power consumption. They can use up to twice the amount of electricity that a new AC needs, something that many homeowners miss. To discover this problem early, compare several of your current and last year’s electricity bills. If the trend is going up, your old AC unit might be to blame. Read more from this blog.

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Read These Top Air Conditioner Care Tips from a Trusted AC Contractor


Many air conditioning systems will have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, but by following a few easy tips, you could easily extend the life of your AC by another 5 to 10 years. Replacing an air conditioning system can be extremely pricey, with most homeowners spending between $3,692 and $7,134. On top of this, AC repair can be pricey to organize, depending on the problem.

With this in mind, it is vital that you do everything you can to get the most out of your AC unit. By following these easy steps, you can reduce unnecessary costs and extend your ACs lifespan.

Schedule Professional Check-ups

Prevention is always easier than dealing with the aftermath. It is also the most effective solution to make your air conditioner last longer. By scheduling a regular, yearly maintenance with a professional, you can prevent minor problems turning into major issues during the summer months in Haughton when you really need it. During this scheduled maintenance, your AC contractor will be able to clean, inspect and service your air conditioner. Read more from this blog

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Energy Efficiency Tips Offered by a Trusted Haughton AC Contractor

Summer months mean hot, sticky weather that makes you want to stay indoors. It’s a time when families refuse to brave the heat of the sun and instead remain inside where they can relax in the comfort of air conditioning. This undoubtedly hikes your electric bills, however, especially if you don’t know the ways to make a home energy efficient. Just because you’re using your AC all day long doesn’t mean you can’t save money and energy. Any reliable AC contractor in Haughton knows the tricks to energy efficiency.

Upgrade Your AC

Older air conditioners tend to swallow more energy. If you think that your current unit is already inefficient, you could get more savings in the end by buying a newer model. Nowadays, there are brands and models designed with energy efficiency and comfort in mind. Look for these units and hire a professional to install them. Read more from this blog

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How You and a Licensed AC Contractor Can Easily Maintain Your AC Unit


To keep your AC unit working properly, particularly during the summer, you need to maintain regularly. You don’t have to be a DIY wizard to do this. You just need to follow this simple guide so your unit can run effectively and efficiently for as long as possible.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If your thermostat is a little older and outdated, consider switching to a programmable thermostat. These devices are simple to use and come with many benefits. All you need to do is set temperatures according to a schedule, and the AC unit turns on and off when you want it to. It won’t constantly run when you’re not home, saving you a lot of money over the years.

Many of these thermostats have an LED display that lights up, to help you see settings when it’s dark. They can display important data, such as humidity levels and other outdoor conditions. Even more, there are programmable thermostats out there that you can control using your smartphone or tablet, thanks to their mobile-friendly design. This takes your home automation to the next level. An AC contractor can help with the installation if you don’t know how to go about it. Read more on this article:

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Haughton AC Contractor—The Air Conditioner’s Story and Role in Society

The Sun Belt states, even with their warm climate, extended summers, and mild winters, went through a period of dramatic growth after World War II. Much of that growth can be attributed to air conditioning systems gaining wider acclaim as technology advanced and industries and their offices opened up. Likewise, if not for air conditioners, Dubai and other hubs of business and technology in hot regions of the globe may never have taken off as well.

Now that you know the important role that air conditioners plays in society, it’s only fair to acknowledge the important role it plays in your home, and the need to keep your AC system running smoothly. Have an expert Haughton AC contractor take a look at your air conditioning system regularly.