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Simple Steps in Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning Unit


The air conditioner is one of the most used appliances in the home throughout the year, as it’s vital in maintaining a cool temperature indoors. Unfortunately, the air conditioner can develop issues in the summer season if it doesn’t receive proper maintenance.

If you want to improve the effectivity of your air conditioning system, there are a few necessary steps to take.


Many people make the mistake of having their air conditioner work too hard in the middle of heat waves. Avoid setting your thermostat at a low temperature that can cause it to work overtime during the day. Take advantage of cooler days by turning on ceiling fans and opening the windows. Heavy drapes can also be used to prevent sunlight from coming into the home. Read more from this blog:


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4 Subtle Symptoms Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Professional Help


Many people bring their air conditioning unit for servicing only after it shows major operational problems, or have become inoperable. By that time, repair could be costly. Imagine the length of time you have to live without air conditioning and what you must ultimately spend for an interim or replacement unit. Fortunately, your AC unit may exhibit some subtle signs to let you know early on that it needs servicing. Let’s see what they are so you know what to watch out for.


Did you set the AC temp to 75ºF and yet it still felt like 85ºF 30 minutes later? Most people will simply dismiss this as just a feeling or put the blame to the outside temperature. Though there are many factors as to why your air conditioning unit cannot get to the set temperature, if this situation happens more than once or increases in frequency, it may be time to call for a service or maintenance. Read more from this blog.

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Home maintenance can be a costly matter, especially if you do not keep track of the various components of your house, such as its plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. You might be wondering, however, when do home HVAC systems typically call for a replacement? Do you have to wait until they start breaking down frequently before getting concerned about getting new equipment? Air conditioning experts in Shreveport and other areas have the following facts to share to their clients:

Average Life Span of HVAC Systems Thanks to advancements in technology, the average life cycle of numerous products in the market (HVAC systems included) have been extended, but, ironically, such progress has also created a need for consumers to replace equipment more frequently in order to enjoy the benefits of more efficient and eco-friendly equipment. Generally, HVAC systems are now expected to last for an average of 20 years. Read more from this blog.

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How You Can Effectively Maintain Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit


The AC unit is perhaps one of the most important components of your home that you need to maintain properly. These machines don’t last forever, but you can extend their life substantially just by running through a simple maintenance checklist. It could save you thousands down the road.

Inspect the Air Filter

The air filter for your HVAC system is not an expensive part, but it sure is important and needs to be inspected on a regular basis. That’s because dirty filters can reduce airflow, causing your system to work harder and then leading to higher energy bills. Luckily, inspecting the filter is rather simple.

Most air filters are located in the return air duct or blower compartment. You’ll need to take off the cover and then lift the filter out, shining a light through it. If you can’t see the light pass through the other side, then it’s too dirty. Replace the filter with one that is of equal size. Make sure you install it according to the direction of airflow listed on the filter itself. If your filter is of the washable type, just clean it before reinstalling. Read more on this article:

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Bringing Home Cool: Installing New Air Conditioning in Shreveport

“Unlike window- or split-type air conditioners, central air conditioners are built with a system of interlinked ducts in order to facilitate proper air circulation throughout a property. Installing such a huge and extensive system consequently requires the right skills, tools, resources, and knowhow. Since the performance of any central air conditioning system depends to a large extent on the installation quality, it is imperative that a property owner choose a reliable Shreveport air conditioning expert like Accutemp Cooling and Heating that will ensure everything is as it should be.

Property owners also need to be aware of the special operational requirements of a central air conditioning unit. Among other things, centralized ACs typically rely on two coils that cycle the refrigerant to produce large amounts of cooled air, unlike regular ACs. Additionally, since central air conditioners are designed to cool an entire home or building, it can be a lot trickier to choose a unit of t