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4 AC Sounds You Should Never Hear, According to Air Conditioning Pros

No matter the age or brand of your AC system, it will never be completely silent. A system that is operating normally, however, is often relatively quiet, and most sounds that you’ll hear won’t be out of the ordinary. Yet certain sounds can indicate that your unit is in serious need of air conditioning repair in Shreveport. Knowing the difference between routine and abnormal sounds will empower you to take timely action if necessary.


This can indicate motor bearing problems, a bad belt, or lack of lubricant on your blower motor. While this can be a minor repair, make sure to have them fixed before they break because your blower will not turn if this happens. If the addition of lubricant is required, consult the pros to ensure you are using the right type.


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The 5 Warning Signs that Indicate the Immediate Need for AC Repair


It’s not especially difficult to know if your AC system is in serious trouble. There are some clear warning signs that will tell you it’s time for air conditioning repair in Bossier City, LA. However, inexperienced and inexpert homeowners tend to miss these warning signs, or worse, ignore them completely. Not only does this pave the way for more expensive AC problems down the road, but it can also lower your home’s comfort and safety significantly.

Knowing the symptoms of a struggling air conditioning system is essential in keeping AC troubles in control.

Lack of Cool Air

You might have noticed that your air-conditioning system is not doing its job anymore. For instance, the air is simply isn’t as cold as it was before, or maybe it’s not even cold anymore. This can be a sign that the compressor has failed, or Freon levels are dipping too low.

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An AC Contractor Shares Ways to Teach Energy Efficiency to Your Kids

Your AC contractor in Haughton is your best ally to ensure that your air conditioning system is working properly and utilizing energy well. However, you may be overlooking some little soldiers who can help in the battle for an energy-efficient home.

Teaching your children about energy efficiency helps them appreciate its value both for your home and the environment. Not only does this encourage them to use energy wisely, it also helps you lower your utility bills and consumption while working together to maintain a cozy and comfortable abode.

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An Air Conditioning Expert Weighs In on Closed Doors and HVAC Systems

Hot summer months mean rising temperatures, and air conditioners are working overtime all over the country. The Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling make up to around half of total household expenses, and you may be looking for ways to reduce your electric bill while maintaining a comfortable home. What many homeowners do is to close the doors of unused rooms, thinking that it reduces the space that their AC needs cool. But does this actually work?

How Closed Doors Affect Energy Efficiency

In theory, closing those doors to rooms you’re not using might sound good, but it’s actually a myth. In fact, shutting the doors to unused rooms can even increase your energy consumption. Closing doorways blocks efficient energy circulation throughout your home.